Broken Glass

Ordinary Glass

If you’re looking for Glass Repair Wellington or window repair Wellington, Kelly Glass and Mirror can fix all types of broken glass and windows. Specialising in window glass repair & replacement and broken glass repair, we have been offering affordable glass Wellington loves since 1972.

We stock a selection of clear, tinted, laminated and current obscure patterns to cut to size for you while you wait. If you require polished edges, holes or toughened glass, you will need to allow us time to carry out that process.

Lamainated Glass

Laminated Glass is a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. In the event of breaking, it is held in place by an interlayer, typically of Polyvinyl Butynol (PVB) between its two layers of glass.

The interlayer keeps the layers of glass bonded and its high strength prevents the glass from breaking up into large sharp pieces. This produces a characteristic “spider web” cracking pattern when the impact is not enough to completely pierce the glass. If it does break, you still have security and weather-tightness.

    • Uses: Doors, Bathroom Windows, Roof Lights, Canopies and Partitions etc.
    • Available in Clear, Tinted and Obscure.

Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass has been processed by controlled thermal treatments to increase its strength (4.5 times that of ordinary glass). Toughened Glass is made by processes which create balanced internal stresses. It will usually shatter into small fragments instead of sharp shards when broken and is less likely to cause severe injury. Used in a variety of demanding applications including windows, doors, showers, roof lights, table tops, shelves, splash backs and canopies etc.

Note: Toughened Glass has to be made to size and cannot be cut.

Patterned / Obscure Glass

Glass having a pattern impressed on one or both sides. Used for diffusing light, privacy, bathrooms and decorative glazing.

Frosted / Sandblasted Glass

Surface Treatment on the glass surface gives a white finish to diffuse transmitted light. Excellent glass if you require privacy.

Coloured Glass

Adds to that feature window or door. We hold stocks of some colours and patterns, and can also source from our suppliers as required.