Mirrors Wellington

Kelly Glass and Mirror have a massive range of regular and trendy mirrors, bathroom mirrors and more.

Mirrors have lots of uses in bathrooms, wardrobes, shops, fitting areas and hallways, fitness centres, dance studios and restaurants. Small, large, round, shaped and one way mirrors, we at Kelly Glass & Mirror can make just about any type of mirror you need. For shapes, we will need a template.

Edges can be clean cut ready for framing, polishing or bevelling. And, of course, we can replace that damaged mirror.

Frameless Showers Wellington

Shower Areas

Frameless Showers give a clean, fresh appearance to any bathroom.

We supply and install toughened glass frameless shower enclosures, screens and screen doors over baths.

A wide range of hinge and handle options are available through our supplier network.


Commonly used on balconies and stairs (external and internal). They are appealing because they can give you an uninterrupted view from inside the home. They bring the outdoors inside and create the illusion of unlimited space. Various methods of fixing the glass to the structure are available.


Made to Fit – Toughened Safety Glass, back-painted with the colour of your choice to match your decor. Individually made to suit any space (kitchen, bathroom, laundry etc). The uses for Splashbacks are only limited by your imagination and can add a touch of elegance to your home. Splashbacks give a surface easy to keep clean and fresh. Can be painted in any Resene or Dulux colour.

Retrofit Double Glazing

Double Glazing / Retro Fit

Double Glazing / Retro Fit incorporates two panels of glass (various types) separated by a sealed air space for the purpose of sound and / or thermal insulation. It reduces heat loss and condensation.

We can install double glazing into existing timber or aluminium window frames, new frames and existing roof lights.

Of course we can replace any damaged units as well.

Table Tops and Shelves

Glass Tops over Timber Tables add protection from damage by chipping or water. They can be produced in either ordinary or toughened glass, depending on the situation.

Glass Shelves add elegance to the wall or cupboard.