Pet Doors Wellington

Need a Pet Door? We are the NZ masters of Cat and Dog Door installation.

When anyone in Wellington needs a Cat Door or Dog Door, they call us. We can supply and install a range of pet doors into single glazed windows to accommodate all sizes of cats and dogs.

Please Note: Holes cannot be cut into Safety Glass or Double Glass Units. This must be done at time of manufacture. We can, however, replace existing glazing with specially produced Double Glass Units or Toughened Safety Glass to accept the Cat or Dog Door.

Other Work

  • Reputty Work – We carry out reputty work to your existing windows. For water leakage around the glass, the glass needs to be fully removed and re-bedded in fresh putty. Otherwise, we can just remove the old putty from the face and re-apply ready for painting.
  • Putty After Care Traditional wood sash and steel sash puttys need about 2-6 weeks to set (depending on weather conditions), then need to be prime painted with oil based primer, followed by two coats of compatible exterior paint. To complete the water proofing, it is important to ensure that paintwork laps onto the glass a minimum of 3mm. Modern putty formulations available now are able to be painted after 48 hours.
  • Aluminium & Sash Repairs – Kelly Glass & Mirror can take care of any repairs to damaged sashes that may have fallen out or blown off their hinges while we are fixing the broken glass.
  • Picture Frame  Clear Glass and Clear Non-Reflective are available from our workshop. It is best to bring in your frame and we will cut the glass to suit.
  • Polycarbonate / Acrylic Sheet Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and can be used in a number of glazing situations. Acrylic Sheet is easier to work with and can be used in windows, roof lights and boat windscreens etc.